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We offer the shortest Florida defensive driving course online possible while still ensuring you can protect yourself from potential accidents, collisions, or threats on the road. Our defensive driving class will teach you:

  • Proactive Driving Tactics
  • What to Look Out for or Avoid
  • Disengaging from Road Rage
  • And More!

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Florida Defensive Driving Course

Our Florida Defensive Driving Course Includes:

Open Book Exam

Missed a note along the way? Our courses are open book so you can always reread or search through a previous topic.

Unlimited Attempts

You may retake the exams and quizzes as many times as you need. Our instructors are here to help if needed.

Guaranteed to Pass

We have a 99.9% success rate, but if you aren't happy then we aren't happy. We offer a money back guarantee.​

Shortest Course Possible!

Florida Defensive Driving Course Online

Proactive Approach to Defensive Driving

While it may be known as an online defensive driving course, being a defensive driver requires a smart, proactive approach to safety and awareness. We want you to be able to respond to things happening around you before they become a problem, helping you not only follow Florida law but also keep you safer from collisions or accidents.

Florida Defensive Driving Course Online
Florida Defensive Driving School Online

Online Classroom

Just because you’re not actively behind the wheel doesn’t mean you can’t learn all about defensive driving before you get on the road. That’s why our defensive driving course online offers real-world information that you can employ in your daily driving habits, including:

  • Being Aware and Alert to Movements Around You
  • Driving in Inclement Weather or in Tough Road Conditions
  • How to Detect and Avoid Potential Problems
  • Respecting Other Drivers and Staying True to Your Skill

Three Courses To Choose From

Dismiss Traffic Ticket Points

Drivers license points add up and increase your insurance rates, our course will help.

Complete Quickly

You have limited free time so we designed this course to be completed quickly, start and stop as needed.

Use Any Device

Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, if it's Internet connected with a browser we support it.

Insurance, Tickets, or Points

You’ve probably got an important reason to sign up for a defensive driving class. And whether that’s helping a teen driver be safer and more prepared, helping to reduce traffic ticket fines or violations, lowering your insurance rates, or keeping points off your record, our in-depth, easy-to-follow course can help you do it all.

Self-Awareness and Smart Choices

As a true vacation and retirement state, Florida is a melting pot of drivers from all over the country. This means that our program can help you better understand the challenges and emotions that come with driving in such a diverse environment. Let us help prepare you for the road ahead, so you can reduce accidents or potential tickets.

Plan Ahead and Reduce Distracted Driving

By taking an advanced defensive driving course in Florida, you can learn a lot of the little things that often plague bad drivers and benefit from their mistakes. We’ll teach you about things that are actually applicable to your life, such as basic driving safety, planning routes ahead of time, getting proper rest, avoiding driving and texting, and more.

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